Monday, September 28, 2009


I have started working with a product called Precious Metal Clay. It is sterling silver particles mixed with a binder which is clay. Once you roll the clay out, make an impression, cut it out carefully with a scalpel, let it dry then you sand it. I then gets fired in the kiln which burns off all of the clay. It comes out of the kiln all white. Then you use a steel brush to get all of the white off and what you're left with is a beautiful sterling piece. It is a fascinating process and I love it! These are the first 2 pieces I made. One is a leaf from my Tuberous Begonia plant and the other is a Ginko leaf.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It was a very busy show weekend for me, but Sunday's show was the best. It was the Pennridge Gallery of the Arts in Sellersville, PA. It's a small, quaint town in Buck's County that has a population of less tha 5,000. The main street was lined with wonderful artist's and crafters and it was so busy. It was a beautiful day and everyone was in a good mood.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Victorian Days

Victorian Days in Belvidere is held on the second weekend of September every year. It is a wonderful affair. Everyone, crafters and customers dress in Victorian garb. There are house tours, teas, re-enactments, wonderful food and lots of shoppers. The town cryer gives us the news every hour on the hour. I had a great weekend despite the rain. I didn't set up until noon on Saturday when the rain finally stopped. The rest of the day was sunny and warm as was Sunday. I have been holed up in my studio ever since to rebuild my stock. Hopefully my two shows this weekend will be as exciting.


Our trip to Florida was great, we were busy. We went to Typhoon Lagoon on Sunday, the wave pool was my favorite after I got over a little bit of motion sickness. Monday we did Universal Studios, went on so many virtual rides, they were so much fun, the Margarita's at Jimmy Buffet's were really delicious. Tuesday we did Discovery Cove, Joey loved swimming with the dolphins. What a beautiful place, so lush with plants and all enclusive, meals, drinks, etc. We stayed at our resort on Wednesday since we were all exhausted. Thursday Steve and Joey went to Gatorland. I stayed home and made jewelry. I had gone to my favorite distributer there and got wonderful stones. And on Friday we did Sea World. Then we packed up and drove back to Winston-Salem to stay with Steve's mom. They had a birthday celebration for Joey who just turned twelve. It was really nice vacation!