Monday, August 31, 2009

Road Trip

So we left on Friday at 6am to drive to Winston-Salem, NC to stay with Marnie, my sister-in-law, overnight. It was great to see her, Kevin and their two boys, Jake and Josh, who by the way are grown up now at 13 and 15. Wow!!! Marnie hosted a jewelry party Friday night which turned out to be quite nice. All of her friends are lovely and went home with some of my favorite pieces. Jan, my mother-in-law came and spent the evening. Unfortunately our visit was too short, we were hoping to have Jan come to Florida with us but it couldn't be arranged. We got up at 5am and continued our drive to Orlando. It took about 9 hours. We were all glad to be out of that car!!!
We are in Lake Buena Vista at Blue Tree Resorts. It is really beautiful here. Joey is thrilled because wherever you walk there are anoles hanging out in the hedges. You know her weill try to catch one and want to bring it home. I have already set the ground rules on that one!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

The Wharton Canal Day that was scheduled for today was canceled and is being held tomorrow, problem is I have a different show tomorrow. Oh well, this is what happens in this business. So I've been busy creating as much as I can because it will be a very busy season. I've been molding polymer clay pendants with crystals in them and wire wrapping my own beads(love them) so my fingers are sore but they've been selling so I will forge on.
We leave on Friday for Florida, Joey will be 12 and we are taking him to Discovery Cove to swim with the dolphins. We are driving and stopping to see my mother-in-law and sister-in-law on the way so it should be fun.
Well, back to the studio I go.