Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cancelling a Show

Well the rain didn't stop and we had to cancel the show, the good news is that the rain date is this coming Saturday and the forecast looks good. Of course the forecast usually changes every day. We'll see! The problem with cancelling a show is that the is a wealth of phone calls to make to the band, food vendors and other special entertainment. As far as the crafters and artists go they know to call the special phone number and the message will tell them if the show is on or not. Now we have artisans that can't make it because they have other shows booked on our rain date so I now need to fill those spots. Wish me luck! How cute are Joey and his two cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

The bad news is that my vegetable garden is drowning. I've lost one tomato plant and 3 of the pea plants. Everything else still looks ok, although the eggplants are in a few inches of water. All I can do is hope. The good news is that the herbs I have in pots on my deck are very happy-so am I, I just had some whole wheat pasta with fresh parsley, thyme and garlic chives--YUM!!!
I'm working with the Phillipsburg Downtown Association to put on the Crafts In The Park this Saturday, now a decision has to be made about cancelling the show due to the weather, there is a rain date for next Saturday. If it is decided to cancel we have to get in touch with all of the crafter's, the food vendors and the band. What a mess! So I'll be praying to the rain gods all night to move to another part of the country. We'll see!