Monday, January 28, 2013


The Country Folk Art Shows are held in New Jersey four times a year at the NJ Convention Center in Edison. I did the three day show this past weekend, it was my first time at this venue and it was quite nice. I met so many new people. I sold out of Coronation.That has been  my biggest seller, now the hunt is on for more of that pattern. The promoters of this show are very nice and very well organized, this is a keeper, I look forward to their next show!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I love when I find silverware that has a squared off top, then I feel that the bracelet needs three rings to connect the two pieces. These three patterns were perfect. The one on the left is called "RIO" made in 1930 by William A. Rogers. The one on the right is called "ROMFORD" made in 1939 by a company called Vernon that was taken over by Oneida and the one in the middle on the top is called "PARIS" and was made in 1921 by the William Brothers Manufacturing company. I love them all and they look wonderful on!